COVID-19 Info

Hi folks!

We are back!

Here are some changes that we have made to keep you safe in our practice:

Appointment check-in

  • Pre-screening questions sent to you on a google doc when you make your appointment
  • Smell test to gauge any loss of smell and taste.
  • Social distancing check-in
  • Masks required in the office
  • Hand sanitizing station
  • Temperature check
  • Pulse ox check

All clinical staff will be in PPE

  • Hair caps
  • Face shield, goggles, and loupes
  • N95 masks with surgical mask
  • Disposable or washable jackets or gowns
  • Booties
  • Gloves

During treatment

  • Pre-rinse with an antiviral rinse (1.5% H2O2 solution which is made up of 3% H2O2 and diluted Listerine mouth wash)
  • HEPA Air filters with UVc in each room
  • Extra Oral Evacuation Units to minimize the spread of aerosols
  • Intraoral Evacuation with High Volume evacuation, Isolites, Releaf and Rubber dams

After you leave

  • Cleaning and disinfecting with FDA approved disinfectants
  • Sterilization of all instruments as usual
  • Sanitizing of the room with UVc lights for 15-30 minutes and /or
  • Sanitizing of the room with Ultra Low Volume foggers with a nontoxic 200 ppm Hypochlorous Acid (used on airplanes, casinos and medical facilities)

We are doing more than is required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and exceeding the guidelines set by the American Dental Association. We are committed to keeping you safe and you can relax knowing that we have thoughtfully prepared our office for your comfort and safety.

We are still the same family-friendly office as before and Dr. Yuri is still cackling away under her N95.

We hope you are all healthy and safe and we will welcome you all back with air hugs, Japanese bows, and jazz hands.

Dr. Yuri, Erina, Imelda, Kristin, Shannon, Lea and Tomomi

COVID-19 Protocols and procedures